Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brand faves : The Body Shop

Hello you,

September is there and I'm back on track with a review of my favourite products from The Body Shop!

I should start by claiming outloud my longtime love for this brand, not only it has been one of the first beauty brand to take strong actions against animal testing as well as putting a big emphasis on sustainable production, The Body Shop has been also the very first beauty brand I discovered as a young teen.. The fruity lip balms, the little perfumes.. It's a brand that has a special place in my heart!

In a more objective standpoint, The Body Shop is also a brand that in 40 years of existence has never failed to evolve and innovate. Always offering high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably, The Body Shop keeps on setting the example in the world of cosmetics!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my holy grale products from the brand :

This is the most efficient and gentle cleanser I have ever tried ! It removes any kind of makeup, even waterproof and leaves the skin hydrated, souple and glowing.
You just apply it on dry skin, massage it well and rince it with water using a muslim cloth and it does wonder!!
It is very cheap as well considering that a bottle goes on for at least a couple of months !
13 euros in store or online

Let me introduce you your new best anti-dry-winter-skin buddy! This serum is one of my winter must have, I apply it at night instead of a night cream, it deeply nourishes the skin without leaving it greasy It replenishes and recharge the skin with moisture overnight and you wake up with a baby skin souple and radiant ! Love it !
24 euros in store or online

This night cream is a quite recent discovery of mine, it aims at fighting the first signs of ageing, helps the skin to feel plumper and more toned. I am frankly too young to start worrying about fine lines and wrinkles but I can say that I feel my skin a lot smoother since I started using it !
An overall really good organic night cream that helps you prevent the first signs of ageing!
22 euros online or in store

This is  a rather new product part of the " Spa of the world" collection. It is a luxurious body butter, rich in texture and with a delicious tropical scent. The Kui Kui oil is usually used by hawaiian women, it  nourishes deeply the skin leaving it souple and delicately scented.
Pamper yourself and feel great !
29 euros online or in store

A fabulously blendable make-up enhancer that brightens the appearance of the skin to provide a healthy-looking radiant skin! I love putting this magic cream on my cheek bones and on the arch of my brows!
16 euros online or in store 

Et voilà a little selection of products to add to your wishlist !
What is your favourite product from The Body Shop ? I'm curious to know, comment below !

Cheers x